OpenGL 1.3

Since the 1.3 drivers are coming out soon, I would like to ask, will they be released for windows. I do this because currently windows doesnt even properly support 1.2 drivers… What is the point of 1.3 if we cant even use 1.2 drivers at the moment.

Hi !

Most drivers support 1.2 and will support 1.3, it’s just that Microsoft’s opengl library (the one used for software rendering) is 1.1 (and will continue to be so for some time…)

As long as you have a driver with 1.2 support you can use it, it’s just more messy because there are no definitions for 1.2 stuff in the opengl32.lib import library so you must look them up on your own (wglGetProcAddr).


Hopefully the release of 1.3 will help force Microsft to offcially release 1.2.

More importantly I wnat to see something done about all the new shaders now that ATI has released a load with the R8500. Some kind of standard is needed!