OpenGL 1.2 SDK for Win32

I’m trying to get the most recent SDK for Win32 programming. Does anyone know a site where it is available for download? I’ve tried the Microsoft site, but had no luck.


It should be available at I got it from there just yesterday. Check the downloads section there.

Oops… didn’t read the title. The SDK I got there was the platform SDK, not the OpenGL 1.2 SDK. I’m not sure if they even have 1.2 available for Windows yet.

No, they don’t. Surprise. I wouldn’t hold your breath for it, either.

True. Unless you want to debug it.

How about the 1.1 SDK, then? I’m hardly at the point where I’ll need the newer functions. I just finished learnig how to draw triangles, quads and colour them!

Well, the 1.1 dlls ship as standard with Win98, NT, 2k and (I presume) ME. Headers and import libs are included as standard with MSVC.

If you have Win95, aren’t running MSVC or have lost something, try:

I know they’re supposed to be included, but glu.h wasn’t installed when I did a full install of VC++, so I’m looking for other ways to get it.

You’re just on the right site for that :
From the main page go to Users>Download and here you are.

… or if you really can’t find, it’s here :

Actually, it was the SDK, not the DLL’s I was looking for. I finally found them in a ZIP file containing GLUT as well.

Thanks for the help everyone!