OpenGL 1.2 for Windows?

Windows users cant have 1.2? When its released for Windows?

What are you talking about ?? I have OpenGL 1.2 on my machine… Windows 98…

he’s probably talking about the MS version of 1.2… it’s gonna be released with Service Pack 2 for win2k. Or so they say.

Mhh…I have 1.1 in my machine (Win98)…Why? where should I get 1.2?

Just to get that straight:

To support the OpenGL version 1.2 an implementation must support the features new in that version (3D textures, blend equations, etc.) and may omit support for the imaging subset.

As long as MS’s OpenGL32.DLL has not the complete list of version 1.2 function pointers implemented there is no foundation to let an implementation report OpenGL 1.2 in the version string.

If an implementation is telling you it supports OpenGL 1.2, you must be able to call all functions new to that version (e.g glTexImage3D) without any extension hassle.
But this is not possible if the OpenGL32.DLL has not exposed these entry points to the user and to the ICD.
(Right-click opengl32.dll in the explorer and select QuickView and you’ll find the exported functions. Is it OpenGL 1.2?)

I also heard the W2K SP2 “should” contain the OpenGL 1.2 version of the DLL.

Nevertheless, as OpenGL functionality moves from extensions to the kernel, the version 1.2 functionality may be exposed by the appropriate extensions in some implementations.

I think there is no need to worry about the version string as long as the applications work with the available implementations the desired way.

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Yeah i did that months ago, and all features are supported on my system…

Interesting! I only use NT 4.0 and 2000.
What graphics board have you installed?
Is this OPENGL32.DLL from Microsoft?

Isn’t it possible to download Mesa 3D, and compile a new opengl32.dll? As far as I have heard, Mesa supports OpenGL 1.2, or am I wrong?