Open xr not working in WMR

Only now I experiencing the problem. Yesterday my flight sim working very well and then today I cant play with my hp reverb g2.
I open the WMR and I noticed saying FILE ACCESS ERROR

You need to give more information.

Are you a developer making a flight sim or is this an existing game? If existing game what is it?

In windows mixed reality in MSFS my VR not working saying YOU NEED TO CHECK IF OPEN XR IS INSTALL IN YOUR SYSTEM TO USE YOUR HEADSET.
and I checked the windows mixed reality theres error saying FILE_ACCESS_ERROR if open xr toolkit is open

You’re in the wrong place for help on that kind of thing.

Go to the OpenXR Toolkit Discord and there is a channel (#file-access-error) open for investigating it.

To join the Discord go here and click link top right:


This issue was caused by the EVGA Precision X1 software update from 3/28, which installed some conflicting DLLs on your system (which is EVGA’s mistake) that broke the OpenXR Toolkit.

One of my testers has reported the issue to EVGA on their support forum (cannot post the link due to forum restrictions).

Please update to OpenXR Toolkit 1.0.5 to make this issue go away.

In the future, please use our Discord or GitHub as Jabbah pointed out above. Thank you!

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