Open xr active runtime

I accidently deleted the active runtime completely after going into my windows 10 reg edit thing to change the open xr setting to the json thing so i can get oculus quest 2 going for msfs2020 . what do i do now?? How do i get another one

The correct value for that registry key depends on what runtime you’re using. Usually, runtimes (e.g. Windows Mixed Reality Portal, SteamVR) will let you know on their main window or in their settings dialog if they detect they aren’t the active OpenXR runtime, and will give you a way to set them there. I have no experience with the Oculus runtime, sorry.

What did you delete? The regsitry key?

I think you can probably get it restored by re-installing any OpenXR runtime (like Oculus software, SteamVR or WMR OpenXR from MS Store).

Or you can create it manually:

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Khronos\OpenXR\1\ActiveRuntime = "<oculus_install_path>\Support\oculus-runtime\oculus_openxr_64.json"

An alternative is to use an Environmental Variable XR_RUNTIME_JSON with the same path above as value.