Open GL

Hello… i have a problem and i dont know what to do. I installed a game which needs Open GL drivers 1.3 or higher… i cant get them nowhere…can someone send me a zip file to my email… i have 128mb GeForce 6200


Did you mean you need OpenGL driver for your video card to support 1.3 or higher?

I believe nVidia video driver should support at least v1.3.
And, check your driver with .

It tells you the version and extensions which your video card supports, however, I suspect the problem is opengl extensions rather than version itself.

The game you try to run requires specific extensions, but your card cannot support them.

In that case, you need to upgrade your video card.

It is only a driver problem.
Geforce 6200 are quite capable.

zipsu, most likely you only have basic Microsoft driver for your card, which don’t provide accelerated opengl. Go the nvidia link provided by songho.

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