Open GL?... What i can do?

I am developing an information Kiosk… Where i am developing an Archietecure of a Building in 3D Studio Max… In my system users will be able to see a Walk through to a desired location/any part in the building… How i can achieve this through Open GL?.. can I? Can i export my 3D Model into Open GL… and then can set camera & lights etc in the Model… and can let user navigate to any location?

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Hi !

OpenGL does not have any support for loading geometry, but there are lots of libraries and code out there to help you with that, OpenGL is just a rendering engine, you feed it with geometry (triangles, quads, curves, surfaces what ever…) and OpenGL will render it for you.

You have to do the “walk through” code yourself…, OpenGL have commands for doing translation, rotation, scaling and loading matrices, but you have to feed it the correct data yourself.

If a walkthrough of your model is all you want then maybe you should have a look at Open Inventor or one of it’s clones, there lot’s of libraries with similar capabilities that might smooth the path a bit for you.


what u mean by i cna code walk through?.. in what language u will do that?..
Can u explain?.

language? depends on your system and programmig abilities. For Win32 is Visual C++ quite common. But many other are for Linux and other, but I don’t know them.

OpenGL lets you draw a triangle. You can move or rotate or scale it, let some light shine on it or put texture on it. That’s almost all. So you have to load your world by yourself, move through the world by yourself etc. It is an API, not a program. The programming is up to you.

hope it helps