Open GL training?

I am relatively new to OpenGL and I am in High School in Boston MA.

Does anyone know of any courses I could take over the summer?

Buy the Red Book, get online. Visit NeHe, post questions here and generally get some face time with your graphics card.

You learn quickly that as a programmer most things dont come to you, you have to go out and look for them. As dorbie said, you will have to get online for most of your information, the red book doesn’t hurt either. If you arnt self motivated, programming isn’t for you.

I am doing the online thing, I must have every english site bookmarked some where has the best list I have seen.

I have the gl bible and the red book downloaded but you can’t learn everything from a book.

I am buying Game Archecture the book but I was just wondering if there are any courses?

I am willing to learn on my own but taking a course wouldn’t hurt, and actually talking to people is another way of learning.

Try this site:

You might want to buy the book too.