Open GL Super Bible 2nd ed.

How good the book “Open Super Bible 2nd ed”.
I have an “Open GL programming Guide” and am going to buy another one which seems to be good for implementing GL into MS Windows.
What do you think?

if you want only the informations which are in the book and it doesnt matter if you read it on the screen dont buy it, use the redbook, its free downloadable, and you get nearly all what is in the superbible, i know it, i have the superbible, and the downloaded redbook, they maybe differ in some language formulations and at the end i think are 10 sites or a bit more about getting pfd and such windows stuff, all this you can get from Nehe …, but if you want to have something to hold in hands download first the redbook, and then decide …

OpenGL Programming Guide=the Red Book
That aside, there’s probably not much reason to get the superbible just for the windows stuff. You could get that off the web, there are lots of tutorials on setting up OpenGL in windows and other windows specific things.

i have both of them,
i take a look at superbible sometimes, when i don’t understand the red book,
there are the same things explained by someone else, sometimes different.

some code is added like, FPS counter, Bmp loading/saving, etc…

can be usefull.

i bought the superbible for the startup and found i quite helpful. i still use it from time to time. it’s good for a first and overall impression. if you are already beyond this point go for something else.
if you are interested more in practical stuff just go and look out for tuts on the internet. but there is also lots of good books regarding theory.