Open GL source code for APIs

Hai guys,
I would like to know where can i get the APIs source code. As i need to write the APIs for openGL that shall be compatible with Vxworks and Ruby GPU.Please help me in providing the link where i can get the openGL APIs source code.Kindly reply.

There is no source for OpenGL. OpenGL is a specification, not a library.

Are open GL APIs platform independent???

OpenGL is not open source and OpenGL is not software.

You hardware vendor implements the OpenGL specification in their driver, and that is where it starts and ends. Being or not being platform independent (which OpenGL is actually not) has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

OpenGL is platform independent, but there are platform dependent interfaces for each operating system. In order to make it all cross-platform, there are also cross-platform wrappers for windows and user interaction, GLUT/FreeGLUT for example.

As others say, there is no “OpenGL source code” but there is a free implementation called Mesa, which is open source. That is the closest you get I think.

The SGI sample implementation is also open source, but that’s (a) a software-only implementation, and (b) limited to something like OpenGL 1.0 (and therefore quite useless to most people).

When you say “Ruby GPU”, you don’t mean a special hardware, do you? Is it a Ruby interface to graphics? If so, what you want to do, is to create a layer between Ruby and OpenGL. Obviously OpenGL is a good choice, compared to Direct3D, because of availability on many platforms.

This is a common problem when you want to call OpenGL from non-C languages. I don’t know if the OpenGL API is available for anything else than C from the graphic cards, which means you need to create a C wrapper. I don’t know much about the Ruby programming language, but it is supposed to be easy to write C extensions. You may need to add some interface wrapper if there is need to convert data types, etc, which can’t be directly mapped to internal data or states of Ruby.

Perhaps he is talking about this

and VxWorks is a real time OS.

So to me, it sounds like he is a driver programmer. In which case, you should get in touch with Khronos ( Also, he needs to decide if he wants to write a OpenGL driver or OpenGL ES driver.

so, In order to OpenGL to work in VxWorks, I need
to have either X environment, or WindML plus some overlay (ie Mesa?!),or get a software package from Seaweed (?!). And OpenGL ES should be used instead of regular OpenGL?!

Do I need any other software (besides the VxWorks, OpenGL ES) in order to do the graphics using OpenGL?

To the end, I think there are VxWorks, WindML, OpenGL; where should I look to find more information and to learn what to do?!


It certainly looks like a driver is what is requested. From the data sheet, I would say that it would be OpenGL ES specification.

I haven’t done such a driver, so from some wild guessing, I would estimate such a project to a couple of years for one person? To get a driver running plus setting up a test suite. You also have to expect maybe a half time assignment for driver maintenance. That would be an experienced programmer, preferably having done other types of drivers.

I think V-man’s advice is the best, to get in contact with the Khronos group. Maybe they can provide you with a source code to start with, but I doubt you’l get it for free. Is it a private project, or are you involved in a business for this?

An X environment is something else, independent on OpenGL. But X11 can live in parallel with OpenGL.

It may be that Seaweed (Presagis?) could help you. But in that case, I think they would provide the drivers for you, as well as an X11 library support. But then you would not create the drivers.

The WindML drivers also looks like OpenGL ES2 drivers ready to use. If you buy those, you still wouldn’t create the drivers on your own.

Please be a little more specific about your goals.

here i am not more concentrated abt the drivers… the crucial point is … as we know openGL wil be supported to linux and windows which has many API, but it doesnt support to Vxworks…so my ques is … what i need to do if my openGL -API shld support to vx works where in i can develop some application using that API …


You still need a driver.

Ok, it sounds like you want to write GL applications for VxWorks.

I don’t know much about VxWorks but if it doesn’t have any kind of GL support then you should either talk to the company who provides it or you just dump VxWorks in favor of some OS that supports GL (example : Linux). Pretty much all Linux distros have GL.

Obviously, someone has to write an interface for GL (the makers of VxWorks) and then the maker of the GPU (Ruby) needs to write hardware specific driver.

For Linux, I don’t know who has written the GL interface. Probably a bunch of Linux gurus. The hardware driver has been written by nVidia (for their own chips), AMD (for their own chips). Some have even obtained the GPU specifications from Intel and written open source drivers (for Intel chips).

Nope, you won’t be able to download the GL interface for Linux from here. You won’t be able to download open source hardware driver for Intel+Linux from here.

I am not interested in the graphics driver as it comes packed with the GPU. And i was talking about the Ruby which is not a pgmg language but i was talking about Graphics Processing unit rather.