Open gl reset itself to 1.1.0

I recently updated my intel uhd 620 to latest drivers but my open gl is showing 1.1.0 after that I installed the older drivers then it’s showing 4.6 can I know the reason

Which driver versions were you updating from and to?

And this is on Windows, right?

It sounds like either:

  1. the graphics driver update for your Intel UHD Graphics 620 either did not properly install OpenGL support, OR
  2. the OpenGL DLL in the newer graphics driver is rejecting your attempt to connect to it (e.g. due to requesting an unsupported PixelFormat).

Either of these can result in creating an OpenGL context (an HGLRC on Windows) that is connected to Microsoft’s very old “GDI Generic” OpenGL driver, which implements OpenGL 1.1 in software. This is used as a fallback when there are no hardware-accelerated OpenGL drivers, or those drivers reject your application’s attempt to connect to them.

When connected to the old Microsoft software OpenGL driver, if you query it, you’ll get something like this:

GL_VERSION = "1.1.0"
GL_VENDOR = "Microsoft Corporation"

To troubleshoot this, I would recommending downloading and installing this useful tool by Sasha Willems:

Run it on the “older drivers”. Make sure it reports OpenGL 4.6 support, as you said.

Now do that driver update again. See what that Capabilities Viewer app says now. If it gives you OpenGL 4.5-4.6 support, then the problem is likely with your application rather than with the graphics driver update itself.

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