Open GL Project

Hi, I studying Computer Science at University and have to propose a final year project, but can’t think of a practical problem to solve for my project, in which I want to use OpenGL! I can’t write a game as this won’t be suitable. Any suggestions? Many Thanks to any replies, RC21.

There are many things you can do.

There are many thinks, that need to be visualized, like chemical reaktions. There are medical 3d visualizations. Events in nature like volcanos or cloud movement.
Then there is the physics sector with collisions, friction or crashtests.

Learning software is also very popular. For example a program that shows you how to build paper planes, and tells you why they fly.

Of course non of those are just loading a model and displaying it using opengl. Most things require math, physics and design.


I’m just finishing my final year engineering project on medical visualisation (i.e. visualising the “Visible Human” dataset). It was great because it gave me a good excuse to buy a GeForce3 (3D textures) plus I’ve gotten to play with register combiners, vertex programs and texture shaders.

You may want to have a look at doing some stereo stuff as well.

Hi, I’m developing a game for my final year project…why would that be “unsuitable” for you? (I don’t mean to sound passive =P)


I think a game isn’t serious enough to be a final university project.
That’s only MY opinion though.
I have a suggestion
What about a mix of Voice recognition and openGL ?
Controling a 3d world with your voice ?
there are some speech SDK if you want
Another suggestion is the Game of life in 3D but it’s a little bit simple…but another population growth problem could be cool…all in 3D with openGL

Carrying on from evil-dog, AI stuff looks quite cool and has some decent theory behind it. Flocking algorithms etc. Something like a shoal of fish, and your mouse could be a predator, so they all leg it as the mouse approaches and then re group. This is quite simple, as I think they all just try to align and get close to their nearest neighbours, but you get the idea. Something a bit harder maybe looking at crowd control, i.e. at football matches. Code up your crowd and behaviours and then stick them in a building and watch them all try and get out if you introduce a fire…

I am using open gl for my final MSc project.

I am trying to get an animation of a breaking wave.
There is loads of physics,maths and writing to do as well as the graphics stuff.

It shouldnt matter what subject area you choose to do your project in, as long as there is enough scope and depth to make up a decent project. The subject area is almost irrelevant, it is how you approach and solve the problems, investigate and document your work that counts.