OPEN GL ES Implementation

I want to know the forums opinion on what are the steps I should follow to develop an
Open GL Es implementation and a 3D Game Engine based on that.
I am familiar wiht Open GL APIs and I have worked on A 3D Game Engine before. I am currently going through the Open GL ES 1.0 specifications. I will appreciate any comments from the Discussion forum members for directing me towards implementation specific approach for it.

my thoughts:
if your final goal is to write a game from ground up, then i would not invest the time in writing an OpenGL|ES implementation, since this will cost you a lot of time for things you won’t need for your game. Even more, OpenGL(|ES) is does not have a very good API for software implementatins…

Ofcourse a good reason to do so would be to switch lateron to a hardware accelerated OpenGL|ES implementation…

If you are interested in implementing OpenGL|ES i suggest you have a look at the projects softgl and ogles at sourceforge.
both are open source projects aiming at implementing OpenGL|ES. maybe you want to build your game on top of those or contribute to these projects…


Hi Derrick,

I agree with Daniel (I’m administering the ogl-es project Daniel mentioned above). Per se OpenGL ES is actually a pretty lousy API for game development (at least for software implementations), as it introduces still too many options in the fragment processor and, in common with regular OpenGL, does not really provide an efficient mechanism to process meshes.

At the same time, the specification provides a very good framework to build a power graphics pipeline for games. My take on it is to first complete the implementation of the standard API, and then work on both
a.) Optimizing a game-oriented subset in the fragment processor
b.) Provide an OpenGL extension that allows you to efficently process meshes.

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Hey can u help me ??
I want to make a small 3d game in Pocket PC
What shld i do ??
shld i use openglES ?? if yes then how (i am new to this )
What shld i install and from where and how ??

Plz help me if u can

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