Open GL ES android

Hi all, I am currently developing open GL app in android for 3d model loading. The small size models are getting loaded perfectly. I am facing issues to load a large size 3d models. Is there any performance issue or How can I reduce the delay for loading large models? Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks

You need to profile your application and determine where the delay is coming from.

  1. Is it loading the data into app CPU memory from storage?
  2. Is it from converting the loaded data into the format you provide to OpenGL ES?
  3. Is it from uploading the data in app CPU memory into OpenGL ES?

If #1 or #2, this isn’t an OpenGL ES question. If #3, you want to check your GPU vendor’s OpenGL ES guides for the most efficient methods for uploading geometry and/or texture data to their GL-ES driver.

When possible, do this uploading at startup.

It would be easier if you share how you load 3D models, or at least an idea of how the flow is structures.

Nevertheless, if the models are big enough, you can only reduce the loading delay up to a certain degree. After that, you would need to load everything in the background, while something else is shown on the screen.

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