Open gl ES 2d fixed images in moving 3d world

hello everyone,
I am developing a 3d Application using OpenGL ES for Pocket PC , I need to display 2d button images on the screen. can any one show me some sample code or some other usfull links were i can get them…

Thanks a lot.

There are several way to do a such thing :

  • make rectangles and place textures on them (remember the 2^n padding)

  • access to the colorbuffer and raw copy the pixels (but it seems that GLES API does not provide the fuctions for rastering)

Thanks for the reply. the real problem was i need to move the camera throu the 3D world. so i have solved this problem by having two viewports and in the second viewport i am using a fixed camera and a button textured 3d plane. so now this window acts as a billboard to me.

I am facing two more problems .

  1. I need to draw a follow throu line for my moving object. If i use keep all the points in a array and draw it using

it draws the follow thro line but the first and last points were linked by a staright line. I need to remove this line.

  1. Is there any methods to draw text in the 3D space
    in openGL glPrint() api is used but in openGL ES I don’t know how to implement this … can u help me…

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