Open GL documentation for C#


I am just getting started with Open GL. I have a graphics application to write. I am a little over whelmed with the amount of information on the subject. My perferred language is C#. I have two questions to start with.

  1. Is all the current functionality of OpenGL offered with C#?
  2. If question 1 answer is yes, where is the best place to view documentation for the specifics?

Thanks In Advance


OpenGL is a C API. In its purest form, it exists only in that language. There are bindings to other languages though, such as Python and Java. There are bindings to C# on the bindings page

Using my very limited knowledge of C#:
C# is similar to C. If you can call standard C functions from C#, then you can use OpenGL natively.

OpenGL is defined by the spec, which is available on the website. Check out these other posts for more references (I think they’re all in C):
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