Open GL and Java Compile

Hi, i’ve been using textpad and GL4Java and my code compiles but when teh window opens its blank and i think it says applet not initialised. Is this something to do with my hardware or is it from my code? as far as i know i’ve set the classpath right but i’m new to java and opengl. Does anyone have the complete code for something like a cube which i could copy to see if it works? I used the auto web installation so presumably everything is in the right place


What does the Java console say? Is it reporting any errors?

ok, i was using textpad so i compiled the code and then ran it and a window came up and in the status bar it said applet not initialised. also when i downloaded the nehe tutorials (the java ports) when i open the html page the title is displayed but none of the opengl shows. I really need help!!! i just downloaded the newest drivers for my grahics card from nvidia but that hasnt helped

Check the Java console. If you’re using IE, it’s in “Tools->Sun Java Console”. It should help you find the problem.