Open GL and 3d Max Texture Tiles Problem

Hi guys,

I’m learning to use 3dmax and opengl.

Now I exported my model from 3dsmax to Opengl, but I have a problem.

How can I get rid of this tiles effect?, I want the texture to take the whole area.

What do you mean “to Opengl”, as in glTF?, there are plenty of file formats for 3d models.
And after you’ve exported the model, you need either a tool to import the model onto a VBO mesh, Array Lists, etc, in order to be integrated in your opengl scene.

Depending on which object format you’re exporting, the UV coordinates (that define de texture mapping thus the scaling and tilling effect you are seeing) should be the same as viewed in the 3d Software.

Can you show your implementation for the uv coordinates on the aplication side?