Open GL 4.0

This is my first post.
I have a ASUS notebook N53SV that was running Windows 7 until Microsoft stopped support this PC after a while refused to start so I put Windows 10 onthis machine and no problems until now.
I have installed a program and now it will not start and alerts me with “this program cannot start until Open GL 3.3 or higher is installed”

Is there anything I can do to overcome this error message?
I thank you for reading this.

According to this is an NVIDIA Optimus system which offers a choice between running programs on an Intel HD 3000 or an NVIDIA GT 540 M.

The Intel does indeed lack support for OpenGL 4.0 (I have one on this desktop which reports a max GL version of 3.1 using the OpenGL extensions viewer) but the NVIDIA - while it won’t set the world on fire - will support OpenGL up to version 4.5.

This could be as simple as just needing a driver upgrade - prehaps you missed the driver for the NVIDIA GPU when upgrading to Windows 10? Since it’s not the primary GPU it seems this might be easily enough done and may not be obvious in day-to-day use.

If you do already have the driver installed you need to select to run your program with the NVIDIA as it is evidently attempting to run with the Intel instead. Typically this is just a matter of right-clicking on the program’s executable or shortcut, and selecting “Run with graphics processor”, then select the NVIDIA from there. You can also create a profile for it in the NVIDIA control panel.

Assuming this works, and if the program is still actively developed and supported, you might want to open a support case with the developers to have them enable it to automatically support Optimus (and the AMD equivalent) - it’s only two lines of code to cover both vendors.

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