oops!! stumbled in a cluster of points all around again

Hi guys,
Have you guys encountered the following situation and solved it? I am really desperate to know how to come out of the problem i am stuck in. I need help from you guys…
I have so many points in a 3D space, and I need to grab a particular point from those points in a XYZ space and drag it to a specified place using the mouse. I feel this is a common problem an opengl programmer encounters, but I wonder how is this mystery solved. Does any one have a solution to my problem? A block of code would be soooooo helpful to me if anyone has it, and i appreciate any kind of help.


Are you saying that you want to click on the 3D point and drag it with the mouse? You should look at the selection buffer and picking section of the redbook. There is a picking example there. This will allow you to know what object you “clicked” on and then you can move that selected object according to your mouse movement with glTranslatef.