only redisplay whats changed? (GLOW/GLUT)

I’m a bit confused about how to avoid redrawing EVERYTHING each frame. I’m planning on using GLOW to draw 32 components, each of which contains a slider and a dial… if I drag slider1 (ie the slider in the first component/object) then how do I avoid having to redraw/redisplay all the other sliders (whose values have not changed)??

This may be taken care of within GLOW already, I’m not sure, but I need to know what to research. I’ve heard mention of depth buffers, accumulation buffers, display lists and clipping - Maybe one of these things is what I’m looking for??!

Also, how would I avoid translating all widgets in that object/component when I translate the slider? layers?

Huge thanks in anticipation!

I can’t help you with GLOW, but if you are using Windows, you might want to know about extension called GL_WIN_swap_hint: it is designed for user to specify whitch parts of the window to redraw, when SwapBuffers called.
This is an old extension, so your driver should support it. The specification you can find in MSDN.