Only part of texture loaded

Why my not completely loaded, different image have different result. Some half loaded, some quater and some not at all. All image same format and same dimension.

More, if not much more, information needed…

At first I created a simple texture with blue background and some text on it, and this texture is loaded well. But when I try using gradient color or picture on my texture, the only half is loaded. The texture format is TGA 24 bits.

only use texture on a simple white quard,this is one of my rules and it avoid many troubles.
well,now…can you tell me:the quard behind your texture is unseen,why you color it?

What are you talking about?

It can be anything from your paintprogram not saving the image correct, to you no drawing your primitives correct. You haven’t even said what you mean by “half loaded”, which is pretty important to know to come to any conclusion at all. Does it mean top half (or bottom half) image is OK, and the rest is garbage? Is top half streched over the entire image? Please be more specific.

I don’t think the program has any problem because I view the image in different program. And when I said half loaded, I mean not all of it successfully loaded and only top of it loaded. If the texture no or not completely loaded every time, it’s fine because I’ll know that I do it the wrong way. But sometimes 1/4, 2/3, 4/5, …
of texture loaded(different image of course)??? And the textures are not streched or altered in anyway just not completely loaded.

Post the code you use to load an image. Hard to tell what’s…

I wish I could post the code as my motherboard burned few days ago. How about you guys email me the texture loading source code(a simple one not from some tutorial web site). It would be very helpful to me.