Only openGL version 1.1 is visible. Why?

OS: Windows Server 2016
APP: Blender(need to OpenGL 3.3)
GPU: NVIDIA Tesla V100
Driver: v425.25
( NVIDIA 드라이버 다운로드 )

I checked the OpenGL version through the program.
( OpenGL Extensions Viewer 5.3 )
it is identified as version 1.1 and the Renderer is called GDI Generic.

The environment I verified was confirmed by Remote Desktop.
And the development and use of Remote Desktop.

Is there a problem with the Matrox G200eh3 (HP) WDDM 2.0 resources on the display adapter in Device Manager?
(With NVIDIA Tesla V100-PCIE-32GB)

Or is it a Remote Desktop environment that I can not use?

See one of the many posts on this in the archive of the Khronos forums or the NVidia forums:

For instance:

Summary: Ditch remote desktop and use a decent VNC program to observe server-rendered content on the client (check out the “See Also” section of that link for some of the many options, including RealVNC). Or possibly buy a Quadro or Grid GPU to enable RDP support (double-check GPU support first).

thank you.

I can not use OpenGL in RDP in the current version of GPU.

If so, I think you should use OPENGL as a VNC program that will let you know from the link below.
I’ve been using TightVNC now and it looks like version 1.1.

Do you have any other VNC programs to recommend?

I’ve used TightVNC and have had some success with it. However, I’ve heard from others that say RealVNC works better in some cases. You also might checkout TeamViewer.

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