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Not OpenGL related but, you guys are the only ones I know that can fix this… http://dux.isec.pt/~a9805016/Sigma/WereWolf.jpg

Take a look at this screenshot of the Werewolf demo running on my GeForce3. Notice the bugs? Does it hapen to you guys?! Is it the hardware, the drivers, what?

And another thing: there are some leaked drivers, version 29.80. Getting very close to 30.00… I think that (not for sure), NVidia usually releases new hardware with every major driver leap. Do you think NVidia is going to release some new hardware soon?

Thanks in advance…

Werewolf is intended to be a gf4 demo - but it works on a gf3 with the glitches you have highlighted.
Still…good init?

I assume that “init” stands for “ain’t it”. I’m portuguese… Yes, it is rather good but why doesn’t it run the same as with a GeForce4? The extensions/capabilities are the same. A GeForce4 is just a powered up, in terms of brute force, of a GeForce3… Or am I wrong?!

Do you think NVidia is going to release some new hardware soon?

Dude, you been living on Mar’s or something? NV30 is due to announced August/september time I believe.


GF4 has a couple extra features. The Point sprites being one I believe. and a couple of texture shader things. IIRC.


Can you give me a link to where you saw that?


The Werewolf demo uses a couple of GF4 specific features but it doesn’t check for the correct extensions when it starts so it will run on a GF3 but you will have rendering problems do to the missing extensions.

Originally posted by KRONOS:
Can you give me a link to where you saw that?


Not sure what to make of that rumor. I have heard that NV30 may be quite late (closer to end of year) but then again, I have no better sources than the one you quoted, so…
The other thing is that site the NV30 will be launched with 900MHz DDR. I suspect thats quite unlikely.

But enough rumor mongoring. Im not familiar with what the werewolf is supposed to look like, and I can’t see the bugs. Maybe I just dont know what to look for. Please fill me in, as it’s making me think I’ve gone crazy/blind.

Here are some screenshots and stuff from the demo:

OK, from looking at the screenshots and movie, I take it his hand/elbow/face isnt supposed to be light tan like that? Its odd, because it looks quite natural. Have you compared results from a GF4 to the one you took? I was thinking maybe the pics and movie from nvidia’s site were taken before they put the finishing touches on the demo, and they might have lightened up the skin before releasing it.

Other than that, the only other thing I see is the black on the fingers, but that could just be part of the artwork, and I dont see the same thing on the elbow or face, so I dont think thats what you were referring to.

Originally posted by LordKronos:
[b]Its odd, because it looks quite natural. [b]

Believe me, it doesn’t look natural when you see it animated

(flickers all around on my GF3 Ti 200)

I’m afraid all our recent demos (Wolfman, Squid, Grace, Tidepool) require a GeForce4. This should have been made clearer on the demos web page. Unfortunately we goofed and didn’t actually put the checks in for the NV_texture_shader3 or NV_point_sprite extensions, so they will run on GeForce3 class hardware but with some artifacts, as you’ve noticed.
The main reason we need NV_texture_shader3 is for the DOT_PRODUCT_TEXTURE_1D operation, which allows us to do bump mapping with specular in just 2 texture stages. This is cool because it lets us do bump mapping with shadows (color map, normal map, 1D specular map, shadow map) in a single pass.


From here: http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/Forum3/HTML/006032.html

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omg… i need a new gfx card… that werewolf looks nice… want to see this in realtime!! (and not bad quality mpeg )

Late? A month or two ain’t late. A YEAR or two, now that’s how ‘late’ is done in this business.

Yeah, that’s not late. I’ve been waiting for the Ti4200 to upgrade from my GeForce1 (for having texshaders!) and now that the card is available I’m reading that this year the NV30 will ship and that this card will be a revolutionary step! I hoped that the new cards will ship somewhen next year. So, I’ll have to wait for my upgrade. And end of this year there will be a new card announced… It’s not only the money to spend every year but also what to do with the ‘old’ cards?


Originally posted by kon:
It’s not only the money to spend every year but also what to do with the ‘old’ cards?


eBay ?

You could always donate your old GF3 to Davepermen

– Zeno

Looks like exciting stuff. I may hold off until later on in the year

“NV30 is expected to be able to process 200 Mpolys/s (almost twice that of the GF4) and utilise 900Mhz DDR memory modules from Samsung. NV30 may feature 8 pixel pipelines”

Im still on a friggin Voodoo3. Doesn’t even have a stencil buffer