Old extensions specs


Where can I find the specs for old extensions? There are not on the SGI site anymore (e.g. the specs for ARB_multitexture, etc.).

If anyone still had many of them on his harddrive, it would be great if he mailed them to me



Ah heum. We are on the OpenGL website, aren’t we ?

Developers -> Documentation -> Extensions -> OpenGL extensions registry

Or direct link:


Take a closer look on the multitexture spec and you see what he mean. It’s no longer there.

Ah, i see what you mean now. Well, why not download the 1.2 specif as suggested?

Because I’m writing an opengl extension loading generator, which downloads each extension’s specifications, parse them, and produce a C glue code for automatic extension initialization.

And no, I don’t wan’t to write another parser for OpenGL core specifications in PDF format!

My guess is that I’ll only support non-core extensions for now But many ppl still have OpenGL 1.1 (basically everybody who runs Windows) and my lib won’t be able to produce autoloading code for everyday extensions on their platform :’(

(btw, ARB_multitexture and all old extensions are still listed in glext.h: why doesn’t the extension registry provide specs for these anymore?)