Old 7900 Support

Unfortunately, I need to modify my application so it will run on an old GeForce 7900. My application sets up a 32 bit floating point FBO by calling glRenderbufferStorageMultisample with GL_R32F.

On the 7900, the call throws an “incomplete attachment” error. The driver is supposed to support GL_NV_float_buffer, so I tried GL_FLOAT_R32_NV, but that throws an “unsupported” error. Do the 7900s support any floating point renderbuffer formats?


GL_R32F is introduced by ARB_texture_rg. Does your card expose this extension? Also, 1- and 2-component attachments are not allowed by EXT_framebuffer_object. ARB_framebuffer_object started to allow them.

No, my card doesn’t support ARB_texture_rg, so it’s not surprising that GL_R32F didn’t work. I’m looking for any floating point format that will work. I haven’t had any success.

The card supports ARB_framebuffer_object.

have a look here:



may be good candidates for you to try… I have never tried to render into these formats before, though.