OGL Win to OGL Linux.... the long road

I’m a decently experienced windows OpenGL programmer (2 years in industry) but I’m getting sick of Windows as a whole and am trying to switch to Linux. I’m looking for some books or tutorials that explain X programming and hopefully X OGL specifics. I already know GLUT but have moved on from it a while ago because I find it restrictive/slow in some situations. Any Linux specific help would be appreciated.
– Alex

You’ll need the Green Book

The SDL Library is another good thing to look at.

I orderd Linux 3D Progamming but it hasn’t arrived it… I’ll post an update once it does.

And of course, you can wander over to SourceForge or FreshMeat and search for games, demos, etc., and check out their source (mmmm… Free Software)

Hope this helps

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Several of NeHes tutorials has been ported to native linux GLX code. You also have the man pages for X. I would search the xfree86 page for further documentation.

I do not know how much X programming you will find in the green book. It has a very good reputation but I belive it mostly covers glut?
You will probably not have any problems with X since it seems to be like Windows GUI programming.

I really suggest SDL. It’s great for linux, and windows! (And just about every other os with opengl)

I too am a little wary of the Green book since it is written mainly for GLUT and since I’ve heard it’s getting a bit outdated in the little GLX it does provide. I’ll definitely look at the SDL but I’m always a little wary of cross platform libraries (note the irony while posting in an OpenGL forum) because I feel like I’m losing speed, flexibility or both. Is this generally the case with SDL?
I’m really interested to hear how the Linux 3D Programming book turns out. Please do post once you receive it. I’ll check those sites as well.

Fullscreen with SDL does not work for me. You can grab the NeHe ports from the SDL site and try them. Some should be able to switch to fullscreen with F1 but I got into a “switch loop” and had to use Ctrl+Alt+backspace to shut down the X server.

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