OGL stereo on linux?

Does any linux hardware support stereo in opengl? I can do it on my unix SGI (either full screen or quad buffered) and I know it can be done on MSWin but have been unable to find any info about boards, drivers, glasses, emitters, etc., for linux.



Sorry not to answer to your question , but about stero on irix, what is the library name i’d rather use to produce stereo (and tripipe, like a reality center) ?

Depends on what your needs are. I have a pair of VrJoy2000 glasses that work under Linux and I have written Opengl applications that display in stereo and work with the glasses.

However, I don’t think any opengl implementation in Linux supports the GL_STEREO option. Since the VrJoy2000 LCD shutter glasses can use interlace or page flipping you have to roll your own. For interlace it’s quite easy; using the stencil buffer. I haven’t figured out page flipping at the application level.

It would be great if someone in the Mesa project or at Nvidia would code support into the libGL.so level. If you want code snippets and explanations and such I can throw some links together. There’s a tonne of material on the http already.

Checkout: http://www.vrsource.org/article.php?sid=151&mode=nested&order=0&thold=0

This article describes some recently released software that allows for stereo display under linux with current nvidia cards.

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