OGL state DLL-module dependant?

Just a quick question, didn’t find the answer on the net tough, that’s why I’m asking here…

Having several already loaded rendering DLLs (which are part of a single renderer providing some sort of an abstarction layer), does the OGL state, like bound VBO buffers etc remain unchanged across the different DLL modules?

Thanks in advance.

State is per thread.

State is per-context!

You can have one state shared among multiple threads (as long as it is only active in one thread at a time) or you can have a context per-thread.

In reguards to the origional question, (if you are not using multiple contexts/threads) any changes to the OpenGL state inside a DLL, will change the state that is accessed by the other DLL’s.

Ok that’s what I wanted to know thx guys.

sqrt[-1] is correct, of course. I was thinking way ahead, platform specific, and ended up almost in kernel mode before I typed a character. :slight_smile:

My confusion originated in me upon reading the question suspect OP might have been bitten by some multi-threaded COM stuff, as an OpenGL context is associated with a thread, and only the associated thread can perform operations with it. Assumption, the mother of all…

Mea culpa.