OGL/Maya/Photoshop/Textures/ Conflict

I know Maya is built on OpenGL. There is a tool used for measurement. It is based on a “unit” being equal to 1 centimeter. When I use Photoshop to see how many pixels are in a “unit” I find that it equals 57 pixels. Now I thought that textures are supposed to be by powers of 2. 64,128, etc. So how would you size a texture to fit on a unit if it is not a power of 2.

Hi !

This has nothing to do with textures, you can set the unit to anything you want (cm, inch, feet whatever), it is just to make working with 3D models a bit easier, if you know that “1 unit” is 1 cm and you want to make a human character, then you know this should be around 160-200 “units” in height just to take an example.

A texture can have any size you want, 256x256 for example, when you map this to a triangle or quad or something the texture will be scaled so that it fits the triangle or quad no matter what size it has.