ogl in os 10.2

The only tutorials I’ve found so far are either for pre X applications or cocoa based ogl implementations. If I want to do ogl programming on os X, do I have to use cocoa?

I’ve tried to compile the non cocoa based olg code on the NEHE website, but after adding GLUT and OpenGL frameworks, changing the include paths to <GLUT/…> I get the following compile error:

in crt1.o illegal reference to symbol : __objcInit

Can this be corrected? Thanks for the help.

Using project builder btw.

Add either the Cocoa or Foundation frameworks, or add -lobjc to the linker flags.

Alright, I’ve added -lobjc, now I’m getting undef. refs to _DrawGLScene _InitGL _ReSizeGLScene

I have included both the GLUT an OpenGL frameworks


Those are functions from NeHe’s base code. There’ll be another .c file somewhere you need to add to your project.

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