ogl image as a screen saver?

I am begining to develop an OGL image that will consist of some lights that will blink at the appropriate times. I’d like to turn this image into a screen saver that runs under Win 9X, 2K and XP. Is this easily done with the OGL or would a different approach work better? (such as?).
If OGL will work, how do I do this?

look up “coding screensavers” for windows and then just apply your opengl code appropriately.

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There are 2 different approaches you can take.

  1. Lookup how to use the Screen Saver library that comes with the Win32 API.
  2. Rename your .exe to .scr, and handle the appropriate command-line parameters for the configure dialog, etc…

I typically take approach 1 myself as it handles a lot of the underlying details for you…