often texture binding increases performace???:(

i’ve got 16000+ quads and they are covered with same 64x64 texture. when i bind texture once before rendering i get about 41 fps. and if i bind it for each quad, fps is about 48.

is it possible??? i’m running under win98 in 512x512 window, desktop is 1024x758, 16bpp, hardware duron700mhz, 128mb sdram, geeforce 2 mx400, 32mb

i anybody wants to see the my ugly code: http://half.host.sk/gltest.c http://half.host.sk/a.t
warning: that’s really ugly code!


glBindTexture is not allowed iside a glBegin glEnd. You should get lot’s of GL errors in both your cases. Move it before the glBegin!

ufff… thnx a lot