Off the topic

sorry my english, i want to know if there is some application that take a .jpg, .bmp or .gif and convert to a shape form, for using in 3d max, autocad, maya, etc.



Shape from shading, right?
Well, I just got a lecture on the subject this morning and the guy said that, whatever the method, you almost always end up with crappy results.
My piece of advice: forget it.

shape from shading is ONE method for vision research; it isn’t the only method.
My supervisors worked on shape from shading :wink: it CAN produce good results from the lab. I don’t know how good the results are in the real world.

I am working on shape from photographs via space carving, incidentially. Its a near exhaustive search of 3D space for a model that looks like the input images.

you might wamt to look at sofrware like geometrix, canoma, 2D3, and a myriad of other s/w that gets shape from photographs.

its computer vision; its NOT a solved problem.