OES_shader_source and OES_shader_binary

In specifications of OpenGL ES 2.0 Version 1.06, it explained OES_shader_source and OES_shader_binary.

However, the string of OES_shader_source and OES_shader_binary disappeared from specifications of OpenGL ES 2.0 Version 1.19.

Where did the specification of OES_shader_source and OES_shader_binary move?
(“Khronos OpenGL ES API Registry” It is not. )

Are neither OES_shader_source nor OES_shader_binary used now?

Both glShaderSource and glShaderBinary entry points are part of the core specification now, but only one of them has to be supported.

You should query the values GL_SHADER_COMPILER, GL_NUM_SHADER_BINARY_FORMATS, and GL_SHADER_BINARY_FORMATS to find out what is supported.

The doubt was solved.

For instance,

If SHADER_COMPILER is true, the source can be loaded.
the binary can be loaded.


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