Obtaining OpenGL SDK....


Is it just me or is it actually quite difficult to find information on where to get the latest OpenGL SDK for 1.5 spec. You would expect this site to have such information or even, god forbid, allow you to download all you need in one go, but no, apparently not!

Am sick of having to know the secret knowledge and handshakes required to get this information. I just want to code OpenGL apps, not spend time trying to update every time a new spec is out.

I want to completely update my development and there is no one place I can get both, .LIB .DLL and the headers for windows I need to support my OpenGL 1.5 graphics card.

Any pointers much appreciated.

If you took the time to search the forums, or maybe even looked at the Technical FAQ, I’m sure you could find this information.

But anyway…

[ul][]There is no OpenGL 1.5 SDK, per se.[]The Opengl32.dll is controlled my Microsoft, and they haven’t updated it past 1.1.[]Nobody but Microsoft can legally change OpenGL32.dll[]OpenGL32.dll DOES offer a means of getting extension functions from video drivers with OpenGL support via wglGetProcAddress[]Video card makers that support OpenGL such as ATI and nVidia make drivers that support the later versions of OpenGL.[]You can get the functions in later versions the same way you get extension functions. (e.g. wglGetProcAddress in case you weren’t following along…)[]There’s a link somewhere on this site for glext.h. This has a definition for many of the function pointer types and new enumerants not in gl.h[]Using a combination of the right drivers, glext.h, and wglGetProcAddress, you can program with the OpenGL 1.5 spec. No new .lib files or gl.h needed[]To query for the version and extensions string, use glGetString AFTER you have setup a valid GL context.[]To get examples on how to get functions with wglGetProcAddress, search these forums for, you got it… wglGetProcAddress.[/ul]

why doesnt microsoft update it. is it because they have directx or is it becasue there is no need to. What about if you are using linux?

Who knows why Microsoft doesn’t update it… The main theory is that they have no desire to update OpenGL since it “competes” with Direct3D…

With Linux, you don’t have that same problem. You just get the latest version of your drivers for Linux, or the latest version of Mesa. The original poster specifically said Windows, though.

Would it be legally correct for someone to publish an ‘OpenGL32_15.lib’ that has the extensions beyond 1.1? I think that would make many beginners happy.

Not sure, but I think there would still be licensing issues with that. Plus the fact that it would be a lot of work if you wanted to still get hardware accelleration.

So far as making beginners happy. You will probably be happy to know that even just the base 1.1 of OpenGL is very usable. The later versions really still use the same stuff, and just added some additional things. So… learn with 1.1 until you are ready to start using the later functions.

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