obj model loader & mouse picking example

hi, im looking for an obj model loader example with mouse picking. i can find model loaders and i can find picking tutorials but not a tutorial combining the two.

Any help would be great.

Is strange though, glut source comes with obj loader library and glut has picking routine too, but ive searched over 50 pages within google without any luck of a tutorial.

Honestly, ditch picking. It’s deprecated in newer OpenGL versions, and it’s inefficient.

Far better to wrap your objects up in a collision class like Coldet, which you can get from SourceForge.

And then use ray intersection picking on the CPU side using the following procedure…

In the long run this is going to be far more flexible, use less GPU bandwidth, and not be out of date in the future…

As you have found an object loader tutorial you should be able to splice that into your code with Coldet and you are good to go once you have worked through the selection details on the page above.