obj based terrain


Here’s an image of what’s happening

you can just check out the link if the UBB doesnt work.

Its basically terrain made from triangles loaded from an obj file. The texture map is any image being mapped onto the terrain.The texture co-ordinates used are same as those in the obj file.

Is the effect seen due to

  1. Incorrect tex coords
  2. Resolution of the terrain (need more triangles?)
  3. Resolution of the image? (need more pix)
  4. If something else…what?

Thanks a ton!

It seams like your texcoordinates are messed up, perhaps they are stored in some wrong winding order ??
If you cull tris facing the “wrong direction” are all still visible?

view your obj file with another 3d viewer like deepexploration (www.righthemisphere.com), if it looks good there, your programm is the cause, if not, the obj file itself is broken (which is often the case due to a lot of bugs in several obj exports i know of). If your proram is broken, the problem should be rather easy to find due to the straight-forward obj file format. you might as well show the source code, i have writte three or four obj import programms during the last two years…


you guys,
i’m such a duechebag…i was supplying the tex coords AFTER my vertices…thats a NONO gentelemen…and ME=DUECHEBAG