NVIDIA Threaded-Optimization

I need to ask what it actually does behind the scene.
i had several troubles with that turning on GLIntercept wasn’t working (access violation) with it turned off my app, better yet QT wasn’t working anymore (access violation).
it says it optimizes something if many cpu’s are in use. what exactly? and how to deal with those problems?

You can toggle this on/off in NVidia control panel.

This setting enable the nvidia driver to use multiple threads for its CPU-intensive work.
But I read it was better to switch it off, as the implementation seem very buggy and can easily eat 1 CPU core for not much of a gain.

Hey, I got the same problem here… and that for some time over several driver revisions now. The symptom is: crash (somewhere in the kernel, in a callstack deep inside the opengl driver) if threaded optimization ist turned OFF. The crash occurs already very early at startup, it looks like in some of the wglMakeCurrent calls.
Unfortunately, it only occurs for release builds of our application. When I try to debug the crash with a debug build, it works :frowning:

As you may or may not know, certain things are not directly supported by the GPU. For example, you upload a texture with the GL_RGB format. Let’s say, you don’t use this texture immediately and you are doing some other operations. The driver can spawn a thread that convert the texture into something that is supported by the GPU. It would likely convert it to the GL_BGRA format. This means blue and red swap, and alpha set to 255.

During runtime, some operations require a little CPU work as well like binding a texture, binding VBOs and glEnableClientState/glDisableClientState.

This is one reason why Apple made a multithreaded GL driver and they reported 30% (or something of the sort) speed improvement in WOW.

Thanks everybody for answers.

skynet: The crash occurs already very early at startup …

yes, i can confirm that. at the very beginning which is quite frustrating. means i can’t really turn it off right now.

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