nVidia texture corruption

We have an application that uses multiple GLX contexts. Four contexts in total, of which two use textures.
After running the application for some time, we start seeing texture corruption in the two contexts using textures and some times even outside our application, (such as borders of windows, icons etc.)

The contexts are set up to share textures. The problem is that when binding a texture, the driver seems to not bind the correct texture, and instead binds arbitrary parts of the frame buffer/texture memory as a texture.

Sometimes this problem fixes itself after some time, but mostly it just gets worse.

Our application uses a lot of textures, mostly 512x512 in size.

The problem seems to go away when disabling all but the main rendering window.

We are using Qt to create the GLX contexts and windows. Running SuSE 8.0, nVidia drivers 4363, and GeForce Ti4600. The only extensions to OpenGL 1.4 we are using is

Has anyone seen anything similar and even better, does anyone know what is going on?

  • Torgeir :slight_smile:

Sounds like a driver issue. Can you send me a demo (preferably with source) that I can compile and run on my Linux box to see if I can repro the problem with our latest internal drivers? Please also send detailed system specs along with instructions on reproducing the problem.

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