nVidia & Stereo Support

Although this probably doesn’t belong on the adv. coding board, too bad.

I’m really pissed at ELSA/nVidia about Stereo support(for things such as the Revelator) on Win2K. At last year’s GDC(Game Developer’s Conference) I went up to the ELSA booth and asked the nice Sales Rep. when the drivers for the Revelator on Win2K are going to be out. She said: 3 months. So I bought the glasses.

Guess what? It’s been almost a YEAR since then, and still no drivers? Is Win2K that much different from Win9x that you can’t implement this great feature?

Arrrrg…! I want my 3D!

Well, I guess this is off topic, but at least I’m sort of on topic with the already off topic thread…

Is anyone aware of a GeForce2 (or planned GeForce3) based card that supports quad buffering and the standard 3-pin stereo-sync output, such as the one used for the Stereographics CrystalEyes shutter glasses?

Anybody? Matt?


I can’t comment on future driver plans of this nature,

  • Matt

I also have the Elsa/revelator under false pretenses. :{ The only solutions I’ve seen that work with GL are Scitech’s GLDirect (New beta version) http://www.scitechsoft.com/gldirect.html
and I hear NVidia’s Detonator 9.x (sorry 7.x) is supposed to support stereo.

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I know that Revelator is supported on Win9x, but I have Win2K!!!