Nvidia rigid bodis demo

Is anyone familiar with the rigid body simulation demo from Nvidia (see http://www.nvidia.com/Marketing/Developer/DevRel.nsf)??) I was wondering if the source code (or similar source code) is available anywhere??


As they say on the web site, this demo has been done by Tomohide Kano, who has a web site of his own (I downloaded this demo well before it landed on nVidia’s web site). The thing is, I cannot remember the address… You might find it on Yahoo or AltaVista…

As far as I remember, the source is not available but you can always contact the author directly for information.



I’ve tried his site and even used the email link on the page to request source, but have not received a response (I don’t know if he’s still checking that account).

Any other ideas?? Or does anyone have similar code??


Does anyone have source code similar to this, or am I just on my own??

mmeyer -

I too have seen this demo and it is amazing. It’s honestly the best collision detection / physics demo I’ve seen. I am working on something that I hope will match the quality of Tomohide’s demo (I have an MS in physics this is particularly interesting to me). I’m done with most of it except for collision resolution, so if you have any specific questions feel free to post them here or email me and I’ll try to help .

– Zeno

Hehe, I too am working on something along these lines. But not because I saw the demo or anything. I just wanted to make a 3D bowling game. BTW, Jeff Lander wrote a series of great features about collision detection over at Gamasutra

Kano’s web page :

There are other demos … this guy is really good !

Does anyone know what this guy (Tomohide Kano) is doing now??

As of last summer, Tomohide was a grad student (in Geology or Geophysics or something like that) at the University of Tokyo.