NVIDIA Quadro driver memory leak

Hi NVIDIA guys,

I’ve found a memory leak caused by NVIDIA driver.

Tested WinXP and win7 x64 with the same result.

It leaks when all these conditions are met:

  • Quadro GPU
  • “Base profile” in NV control panel
  • driver 295.73 up to 306.79

It does not leak when at least one of these conditions is met:

  • GeForce GPU
  • profile 3D App - Visual Simulation
  • driver 285.58 or lower

The leak is caused when using FBO.
When I do glFramebufferTexture2DEXT + render one triangle then it leaks.
The leak is not dependent on texture resolution. The amount is roughly hundreds of bytes per FBO render.
when I do tight loop just over these few OpenGL calls I can deplete all my system memory by this leak.

I’ve tried one very simple FBO app and it does not leak, so the reprocase would require some special conditions to be met. (OpenGL setting).
I’ve not distilled any simple reprocase for you.

I can try to find breaking driver f I get Quadro drivers between 285.58 and 295.73


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