NVIDIA Quadro 3000G - GLX_NV_swap_group

Any NVIDIA engineers members of this forum? Looking for help with GLX_NV_swap_group extension for Quadro 3000G video cards. We own 5 of them - 4 are framelocked together. Genlock not used. Trying to use release drivers 66.29 -

glXQueryMaxSwapGroupsNV returns max swap barriers of 1 and max swap groups of 1.

glXJoinSwapGroupNV always fails!

Using beta drivers 44.96 and either 53.36.or 53.41 (forget which one supported GLX_NV_swap_group) glXJoinSwapGroupNV succeeded and glXBindSwapBarrierNV succeeded and the swap barrier worked properly for mono though very poorly for stereo. I had expected some sort of solution for stereo by this time (its been over 1 year) not for the extension to not work at all.

If any NVIDIA engineers could contact me to discuss this issue I’d appreciate it.


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