nVidia + OpenGL + MFC = Bizarre behaviors

So i got this new laptop, guess what it’s with nVidia Optimus.

But i’m not here to complain about my program not launching on the nv chips, i’m behond that.

The PC is a core i5, nvidia 540m but it’s a generic laptop ( from “Clevo”, model w270hnq ) AND i have two of them, me and a friend got them together - both PC have the same behavior. When running an openGL/MFC application, it causes real weird bugs.

When leaving a openGL/MFC, all other MFC windows recieve a WM_NCPAINT from nowhere, making all my windows flicker ( Visual Studio for exemple ) My problem is that creating a popup make my soft “lose focus”, then all my application start blinking.

That is - when i use nvidia chip AND openGL software. when i run on IGP, i get minor performance / graphic issues. But other than that, every thing runs fine. When i set DirectX mode, no particular problem.

Well this could be a simple reproducable effect : I set nvidia chip as default in the nv control pannel, Then I launch a opengl software ( for exemple : Google earth ) and a mfc software ( for exemple Visual Studio ) i set them side by side, then i click from one to the other. From time to time, VS will be blinking. (beware, I’m not saying this is the issue, i’m saying this is what causes bugs in my program plus the fact that it doesn’t happen when IGP is active, or when the graphic is DirectX generated )

My guess is driver malfunction, motherboard mess or may be it’s just programmatory bug.

Also since i’m on w7 64 and my software is 32 bits, this may be an issue.

I have to add that, this is only the tip of the iceberg, I also have violent Viewport and context handling bugs.

Please help, i’m lost.

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