NVIDIA, GLX, Vertical Sync


I have a question concerning the NVIDIA driver version 1.0.1251 running under XFree 4.0.2 with a GeForce2 GTS card. I have installed the GLX extensions correctly but found that the vertical retrace is not detected correctly though I set the environment variable __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK to 1. Running glxinfo shows me that the GLX extension GLX_SGI_video_sync which is called to wait for the VSync is implemented on the client side but not on the server side. So the OpenGL funtion glXGetClientString() reports the extension and glXQueryServerString() does not report it.
This means to me that the NVIDIA driver does not implement the extension correctly but does an emulation on the client side??
Does anyone know anything about the implementation of the VSync concerning the NVIDIA driver???

I just tested it by changing the two last lines in my .bash_profile to

It made the OpenGL programs not able to start and the system unstable so I removed it.

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