Nvidia GForce 3 Shadow Buffers

There’s a lot of talk here about how to implement shadowing using stencil planes, shadow volumes, etc. How does it all relate to the Nvidia GeForce 3 ‘Shadow Buffers’? If I replace my GeForce 2 Ultra with a GeForce 3 or 4, what would I have to do to add shadowing to an existing OpenGL application? Would I still have to implement a stencil-buffer like algorithm? Or, would shadows automatically appear (probably not)? How many lines of code would I have to write to add a general shadow capability to an existing OpenGL application? There’s a lot of interest in this where I work. Appreciate your feedback. I’m hoping that the GF 3 ‘Shadow Buffer’ is something fundamentally different and easier to use than stencil buffers. Thanks again.

Check out http://developer.nvidia.com/view.asp?IO=ogl_rtt_shadow