Nvidia,float texture help

Hi, i was using float texture on Ati with success, then i’ve tried on Nvidia and nothing is right. On ati i simply define a float texture in this way:
On nvidia i’ve tried with:
And in my shader i get this texture with uniform sampler2DRect but i obtain nothing.
Filtering is NEAREST.
Do you have any idea?
Thank you

Have you changed the texture coordinates to [0, t->whidth] and [0,t->height]?

i generate texture coordinate inside my shader…

Well, then you have to show more code (shaders) or you can try to write a constant color in the fragment shader to check that texture setup is correct.

you were right!! in my shader i was generating texture coordinates between 0 and 1, after converting that in interval [0,texture width=texture height] all goes right, thank you.