NVIDIA drivers

I just did all the stuff that is described in NVIDIA hp (I think!) and the only thing that I get when I try to start X is no screens found. Ive already tried to use other versions of NVIDIA drivers.. but the same problem happens. Im using RedHat 7.2.

Does anyone has any idea? Is there any trick?

Do you use a TNT2M64 card?
I had exact the same problems with it.
Screen locks etc…
now i got a GFORCE2MX and all is fine

No… in fact I use a GF2 PRO… and I`m not happy since I changed my video board to a NVIDIA one just to have true acceleration in Linux.

What is the log saying in /var/log? it could be failing because it is reading info on your monitor, and you monitor is limiting the modes due to refresh rate… if this is the case, as it was with me, you have to add the following…

Option “IgnoreEDID” “True”

under section Device in XF86Config.

If you can not even start X do I guess that you are using the wrong driver. If you downloaded a precompiled binary so check that is was for your kernel. In the case what you compiled it so check that the kernel sources and headers really match with the kernel you are using.

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