nVidia drivers and the fact that I might be an idiot

Ok, please everyone bear with me concerning my ignorance, but I figured here I could get answers once and for all. I’ve searched the archives and haven’t really found the exact questions I’m posting.

So we all have downloaded the nVidia OpenGL SDK by now. According to the documentation, some of the samples will work on a GF2 card. I have been unable to get a single demo from the SDK to exectute. Upon further examination of the documentation, I notice that under the system requirements, it is mentioned that you need version 10.80 drviers or better.

As far as I can remember, the latest driver release was version 6.something. Where do I get the 10.8 version? Is it included in the SDK and in my frenzy I just overlooked it? If not, do I have to find a leaked version? Is it even acceptable to talk about leaked technology on a board like this?

So I guess registered developers are given the beta drivers. If I don’t work directly in the game/graphic industry, am I even elgible to become a “registered developer”?

Once again, I’m sure these topics have appeared on the boards in one way or another, and I apologize for the redundancy. But hopefully, there are others like me that wouldn’t mind hearing the news from the trenches again.


you can start at planetgeforce.com and there in the middle row the topmost link… more i cant say, its not official legal…


ok i didnt wrote that! never forget, i didnt wrote that!

Is it easy to become a “registered developper”? I didn,t see a “free subscription” button on their site.

Originally posted by Pentagram:
Is it easy to become a “registered developper”? I didn,t see a “free subscription” button on their site.

Go to:



P.S.: I do not know if they register everyone but I know it takes forever to get registered (I had to apply four to five times !).